With Kyle Whittington

Event postponed

25 Lavington Street, London, SE1 0NZ

Tickets £25 each (Incl. VAT)

So you’ve heard of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Maybe you’ve even been to Japan and had a Tea Ceremony experience. But what is it really all about?

During the evening, Kyle will briefly introduce the history and development of Chanoyu and discuss how and where it sits in the world today, both in Japan and the west. Following this the highlight of the evening will be a demonstration of a 'Temae’ (the practice of preparing and serving a bowl of matcha) which guests are encouraged to enjoy in meditative contemplation after which we will have an open discussion where Kyle will answer your questions about Japanese Tea Ceremony. Every guest will enjoy a bowl of matcha accompanied by a sweet.

Kyle’s personal favourite matcha and a selection of utensils will be available to purchase on the night.

ABOUT KYLE: Kyle Whittington is part of a new wave of international Chanoyu practitioners making the practice of Chanoyu accessible in a global context. Kyle has studied two different schools of Chanoyu and currently studies and practices the Ueda Sōko Ryū of Chanoyu as part of Sōmu Shachū. Kyle takes Chanoyu out into the world with his ‘Landmark Tea’ series, doing Tea Ceremony in front of landmarks in the UK and abroad. Kyle is also currently building a chashitsu ’Japanese Tea Room’ at his home.

For more information on the Ueda Sōko Ryū and Sōmu Shachū visit https://www.uedasokochanoyu.com/


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