Tea and Wellbeing: the mental health benefits of our daily tea rituals

In this webinar we will explore the mental health benefits of our daily tea rituals and preparations. During the webinar, we will also enjoy a sensory, mindful brewing session together.

This event is suitable for every tea enthusiast who wants to learn a little bit more about creating a calming ritual out of the simple act of drinking tea.

Wednesday 10th March 6.30pm - 8.00 pm (GMT)

Tickets £18 each

Wellness coach Katia Sanches will share her own experience of the benefits of tea on mental health and wellbeing, before introducing some testimonials from other countries and cultures, exploring how they celebrate tea, how rituals are prepared and what tea rituals mean for them.

You will then enjoy a mindful brewing experience, being present in the moment to focus on the sounds, textures, colours, aromas and taste of the entire tea brewing experience.

The event hopes to inspire you to find new ways of approaching your tea time, as well as to have some fun interaction with other tea lovers and enjoy a virtual cup of tea together.


1. Your phone, tablet or computer to join the webinar.

2. The tea of your choice and brewing equipment (kettle, teapot and your favourite teacup!) and a good sized surface on which to prepare the tea during the webinar.

Price: £18



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