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Welcome to the first edition of Spill The Tea, a monthly round-up of what’s new in the brew. We’ll be looking at industry news, product info, videos, books and keeping you in the loop with all things tea.


First up is the re-invention of that great British Institution - Afternoon Tea. As Covid redefines normal business practices, many in the hospitality industry are having to reshape their offer into home delivery. Even with the latest UK government announcements, getting a booking for afternoon tea may take a while – so here are a few ideas for an impromptu way to take advantage of the heatwave by ordering an afternoon tea for delivery.

Afternoon Tea

In London, The Dorchester offers home delivery from £50 per person and the popular B Bakery (famed for serving afternoon tea on a London Routemaster bus) offer their tea for a more modest £19.99 per person. If you really want to impress, you can splash out with a Fortnum and Mason hamper for £175. There are no perishables, so you’ll need to bring your own cream, but the hamper does have many other traditional delights to enjoy and the added bonus of international delivery, so you don’t have to live in London or even the UK to partake. Just make sure you have your elasticated trousers on, if like us the Lockdown Lard is making itself felt!

The History and Etiquette of Afternoon Tea

If you want to get a full handle on the whys and wherefores of Afternoon Tea, why not join UKTA director Jane Pettigrew’s live webinars – The History and Etiquette of Afternoon Tea?   And for a truly interactive experience – join Jane for one of her monthly virtual tea parties to find out if you really should stick your pinky finger out whilst drinking a cup of tea….!


BOTS AT YOUR SERVICE                                   

Ever got fed up with sullen service in restaurants? Well, prepare yourselves for silent service! When restaurants re-open, many places are turning to robot waiters to help with the new social distancing guidelines. Amy and her bot buddies are popping up in various locations across the globe and you may well encounter one in your local restaurant or tea bar sometime soon. The good news is, she doesn’t expect a tip.


The results of a recent collaboration between the UK Tea Academy and Brita have now been published in a white paper. Important research was undertaken to determine the best water in which to brew tea. The coffee industry has long understood water standards and optimum levels of chlorine, calcium hardness, alkalinity and pH. The aim of this important research was to do the same for tea.


As Dan Bolton of Tea Journey said in a recent email to Jane Pettigrew, ‘ It took coffee 20 years to arrive at a standard that included specific details about water. You advanced the same for tea by a decade at least!’ View the paper here

Spill The Tea - PIC OF THE WEEK

What’s The Tea? PIC OF THE WEEK

Don’t you just love these gorgeous cups? A TWIT favourite by talented artist and sign writer Archie Proudfoot, made for The Tate in London, they’re available via their on-line shop, each letter represents a different art movement. Check out the video of Archie making a cuppa and see if you think Jane would approve…..

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