Pilar Serrano Wins Spanish Tea Masters Cup

We are so proud of Pilar Serrano, UKTA team member and brewer, who has just won the 2019 Tea Masters Cup in the Spanish heat of the international brewing competition.

The 2019 Tea Masters Cup Spain took place on the 29th June at Pazo de Rubianes in Galicia, Spain and the winner was Pilar Serrano who has worked as part of UK Tea Academy’s brewing team for the past 2½ years. She has also worked for a number of European and UK tea companies, including Mount Everest Tea, Yumchaa, and The Chinese Tea Company, and also recently gave a presentation on Puerh teas at the first Spanish Tea Festival.

The Tea Masters Cup competitions are held in four categories: Tea preparation, Tea Pairing, Tea Tasting and Tea Mixology. The 2019 contest in Spain involved the Tea Tasting category which assesses the ability of a participant to correctly identify the maximum number of samples of previously tried tea in a blind and time-limited tasting and to identify the components included in the composition of a multi-component beverage. The competition in this category takes place in two subnominations. In the first subnomination (orthodox teas), participants ae required to memorize 10 samples of brewed tea in 10 minutes, followed by a blind tasting of five randomly selected samples, which participants have to identify in 5 minutes. In the second subnomination (multi-ingredient drink), the participants are required to try nine tea ingredients (usually herbs or other similar tea supplements) and one orthodox tea in 10 minutes, followed by a tasting of this tea mixed with three of the nine previously tasted ingredients, which participants have to identify in 5 minutes. The day of the competition also included tea talks on tea cultivation in Galicia, water for brewing, and a Gong Fu tea ceremony. For more information, visit:


Pilar Serrano Wins Spanish Tea Masters Cup

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