UK Tea Academy student Phyu Thwe grows tea in her home village in Myanmar where her family have 100 acres of old wild tea plants and 80 acres of newly planted bushes.

During her time at the UK Tea Academy she was introduced to Beverly Wainwright, UKTA Authorised Tutor who runs courses at The Scottish Tea Factory, and specialises in community tea projects. Together they have worked towards making fine tea, which is now sold under the name ‘Mogok Tea’ and which some of you had the pleasure of tasting at one of our first Academy Extra events in July 2019.

Phyu says: "In 2019, we made more than 200 kilos of tea and we are planning to double our production in 2020. After doing some research in Myanmar, we are the only speciality tea company in the whole country as many people make tea but in large quantities for cheap export. Our tea making processes are very ecological. Beverly has put system in place to ensure we use the energy as little as possible. She also updated our processing methods to adapt to the weather. 


We formed a partnership with Bellabarista and they are our sole distributor in the UK and available to buy online. Our teas will also be sold in America through Rakasan tea. Another company also will be selling our teas at their wellness centre.

It is the beginning of my dream journey, we achieved so much in a short period of time compared to many others however it isn’t an easy journey for us all. 


This journey all began at The UK Tea Academy. After learning and attaining knowledge from Jane during my Tea Champion and Sommelier training, my introduction to Beverly was the beginning. We have received tremendous support and help from UK Tea Academy throughout the process. Jane has pointed me the right direction and put me in touch with the right people and this made all these achievements possible. 

The UK Tea Academy isn’t just a place to study, it is one big family where you can connect and grow in the tea world. The support from Jane and her team makes our journey so much smoother and more attainable."


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