UKTA student Maria Emília Ferrari Parizio now has her own Tea Experience and consultancy business, and a newly-opened Tea Room in Brazil.

Maria says: "My passion for tea started when I lived in London in the 1990s. At that time, I had gone to the UK in order to improve my English because I wanted to take all the Cambridge Exams and become an English Teacher, which I did.

Of course, I never imagined that in the future I would decide to study and enter into this beautiful, enchanting, one-way universe of Tea.

As I consider England the country of my heart, I thought that I would be able to find highly skilled people there and, with all my respect to all Tea Masters around the world, I found Jane Pettigrew and her team at the UK Tea Academy. I studied with UKTA in 2017, when I first did my Tea Champion Course, and then in 2018, I went back to take the Tea Sommelier course.


I decided to open a Tea business, which I named The Tea Experience and, at the beginning, I thought I could offer my services by going to peoples' houses and sharing a little of everything I had learned to help others understand more about tea culture, and the correct way to brew tea - with the proper water, the most suitable temperature, etc…

So, in May 2018 I held my first The Tea Experience event. It was an unforgettable day in so many ways! I learned so much that day - about organizing, about arranging everything beforehand, and about the fact that it isn’t easy. But when it was over, seeing everyone so happy, enjoying networking and understanding how Tea touches our lives, I fell in love with my new business. Since then, my husband and my Mum have supported me and encouraged me to go forward.

So in 2019 I opened a Tea Room, where, every month, we hold Tea Experiences that are helping me to grow this beautiful Tea World, gaining more and more people who have also begun to love it. Since I started the company, I have held Tea Experiences in people’s homes, in jewellery shops, clothing shops, at events related to Luxury Cruises (Regent Seven Seas), at Christmas celebrations, at kids’ parties, at birthdays, weddings, and at a well-known Architecture exhibition in Brazil called Casa Cor. At all these Tea events I serve tea and other tea-based drinks without alcohol (I decided in my business not to mix alcohol and tea), and they have all been really successful!


This year I will celebrate 2 years of working with The Tea Experience. Also this year, I have been invited to act as consultant to two tea houses here in Belo Horizonte and I hope to fulfil their expectations and also to honour the name of my school, The UK Tea Academy, to which I am very grateful."

We wish Maria the best of luck with her Tea business. You can follow her on Instagram HERE

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