Making Tea from Homegrown Tea Plants

A short video course with Beverly Wainwright of The Scottish Tea Factory


The course comprises 30 minutes of video, together with some written material that can be downloaded. The course will be available to each enrolled student for a period of 3 months from the date of enrolment.

Making Tea from Homegrown Tea Plants

This online course is open for enrolment at any time.

CLICK HERE to watch a free preview video of the course

'Bev is so clear and articulate. The pace and content are really really good - just what people need for small scale tea processing at home. I love it.'
Jane Pettigrew, Director of Studies 

Who is it for?

Ideal for anyone already growing or interested in growing tea in the back garden and making black, green or white tea at home.

What does it cover?

This is an introduction to how to pick and manufacture tea at home from a tea plant. It is especially relevant to those living in northern hemisphere conditions.

What will I need?

Just your computer or tablet. There are no required practical elements during the online course and therefore no specialist equipment or tea is needed. If you do not already own a tea plant then you will no doubt want to buy one after watching this video course!

About the tutor

Beverly is our Authorised trainer in Scotland. She owns and runs The Scottish Tea Factory which she recently built to offer tea-processing services for Scottish tea growers. She has worked with tea since 2011 when she was called in to develop the Amba tea estate in Sri Lanka. She transformed this struggling garden producing no tea into a thriving estate making beautiful handmade teas and other items to provide sustainable livelihoods for its workers. As a tea cultivation and processing expert, she has since worked as an associate with Teacraft Ltd. advising amongst others, The Great Mississippi Tea Co. and is now an independent consultant offering advice to small-scale tea producers worldwide. Many of the teas she has helped create have been bought by high-end retailers such as Harney and Sons in the US and Fortnum and Mason in the UK.

Further training

For more detailed information and advice on growing tea in marginal conditions, register for Beverly Wainwright’s full 3-hour video Masterclass: From Tea Seed to Cup: How to grow and hand process tea on a small scale.

Making Tea from Homegrown Tea Plants

CLICK HERE to watch a free preview video of the course

Further Advice

Once you have enrolled, you will have access to the video course for 30 days.

For any enquiries regarding this course please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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