Jane Pettigrew's Etiquette of Afternoon Tea: a short video course



Short instructional video demonstrating all the basics of Afternoon Tea.

Open for enrolment at any time.


Etiquette of Afternoon Tea

Jane Pettigrew's Etiquette of Afternoon Tea:
a short video course

Who is it for?

This short video course is for anyone who needs to understand the background, table setting and etiquette of Afternoon Tea. Essential if you work in a premium Tea Lounge and want to help your guests get the most from their experience. If you watch this video, you will understand how and why Afternoon Tea utensils and manners evolved.

Tutor: UK Tea Academy Founder and Director of Studies Jane Pettigrew

The video can be viewed with subtitles.

What does it cover?

Part One of this short course covers the history of Afternoon Tea, how it developed from the arrival of tea from China into London in the middle of the 17th century and the way in which it was adapted to our own patterns of eating and drinking, including details of why specific teawares are used for Afternoon Tea.

Part Two discusses all the practical aspects of Afternoon Tea – the essential table wares, setting the table correctly, the Afternoon Tea napkin, pouring and drinking the tea, adding milk and sugar, and the traditional foods and how to serve and eat them.

What will I need?

Just your phone, tablet or computer to watch the video. There is no practical element to this class.



Further Advice

Once you have enrolled, you will have access to the video course for 30 days.

For any enquiries regarding this course please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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