25 Lavington Street, London, SE1 0NZ

Tickets £18 each (Incl. VAT)

This event was due to run on Tuesday 7th April 2020 - it has been postponed until a later date. All tickets purchased for this event will be valid for the rescheduled event.

Join UK Tea Academy and Sujin Lee (Tea Repertoire and UKTA’s tutor for our Korean Tea Masterclass) for this exciting opportunity to learn about and taste Korean teas.

Come and learn about different Korean tea types, their production methods and a brief history of tea production in different Korean tea regions. Due to the complex national history, South Korea now produces pan-fired as well as steamed green tea and a limited amount of artisan black tea and fermented tea.

For this tasting event, Sujin has selected 6 different Korean teas - 3 green teas, 1 semi-oxidised black tea and 2 fermented teas from different regions.

We will taste the following teas:

  • Woojeon (First Flush Green Tea)
  • Sejak (Second Flush Green Tea)
  • Joongjak (Third Flush Green Tea)
  • Balhyocha
  • Tteokcha
  • Hubalyhyocha


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