The UK Tea Academy was founded with the aim of bringing high-quality tea education to food & beverage professionals and tea lovers worldwide. Interest in fine tea has been growing steadily for the past decade as consumers have come to appreciate both the exquisite range of flavours and the health benefits that good tea offers. Demand for effective tea training from F&B professionals was also growing as fierce competition among the highest-end hotels and restaurants inspired a drive to premiumize all aspects of service.

Established in 2015, UKTA today is recognised as the UK's leading provider of tea training for consumers and professionals; offering a range of rigorous, authoritative courses from beginner to advanced levels. The UKTA also hosts the annual UK Tea Brewing Championship, for which an international group of tea lovers and professionals compete in a series of practical brewing and tea-knowledge tests.

A commitment to quality and authority are at the heart of what UKTA does.  All UKTA courses have been developed and are lead by Jane Pettigrew, a globally recognised tea expert who has established a reputation of being the world's leading tea educator. UKTA courses are increasingly in demand worldwide and have already been franchised in Italy, South Korea, Japan and Scotland. Our courses offer structured professional development for F&B professionals as well as a wealth of tea knowledge to an international cast of tea lovers. In 2019 we are launching a new online course to further spread the word that fine tea, correctly sourced and properly brewed, is an affordable and truly luxurious experience that can be enjoyed by everyone.




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